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Swamp Creek Kennels with Custom Collars and Leads


                         SWAMP CREEK KENNELS

Mike Dooley   706-483-0901   1384  W Fairway Dr Gulf Shores Al 36542

Cody Patterson 678-986-5344 1165 Newtown church Rd Calhoun Ga 30701

Location  Resaca, Ga

Swamp Creek was a part of our lives from the beginning, its where we learned to fish and swim, hunt and play. So naturally we named our kennel after it. Its a small N ga creek running from the ground starting in the Redwine Cove Mtns. This will always be home to us.

Original Mountain Curs in North Georgia

We started hunting hounds in the middle 70's First it was grade dogs then we moved on to our first registered Walkers in 78.We had a little growing to do, and off and on we finally settled on a bloodline that suited us. We competition hunted thru the late 80's and early 90's. Making dogs Nite Ch and Gr Nite Ch's. Around 2001 we had almost lost our desire to hunt walkers as they had been bred to have certain traits that didn't add to our desired Dogs. So we took a break from the tree dog scene and quit for about 6 yrs. Then the fire of dogs treeing got us going again, only older and I hope wiser it was sq dogs this go around.We started hunting curs about 4 years ago. Like everyone we tried all breeds of Sq dogs and found that we enjoyed the omcba dogs the most. Being that we started hunting tree dogs when we were little with our dad, we had an idea of what we expected in a dog. tight built ,very masculine, loud mouthed , go yonder with a handle, hard tree dogs.As time has passed we have located and raised the dogs that meet these standards. If you are in need of a wonderful hunting dog or just the best all round dog you have ever found,check out a mtn cur. We strive to better the breed and uphold what the founders of the association started out to preserve in  these fine animals. If you would like to go with our dogs give us a call we love to hunt. And sometimes we will have pups or started dogs for sale. We will try our best to help you in any way possible and God Bless!

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